Mt. Kilimanjaro

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Let your journey to the roof top of Africa begin here! 5895 metres (19341 feet) tall, stands the highest free-standing mountain in the world – Mount Kilimanjaro! The two main peaks include Kibo, which is the higher one out of the two and set as the main goal for most trekkers from aroun d the world; and secondly, Mawenzi with its jagged points and pinnacles, a peak that is no long’er attempted. The adventure up Mount Kilimanjaro is an exploration, not merely a climb, one that allows you to live a lot closer to nature. It is the highest mountain on earth whose summit is accessible to any committed walker without requiring technical skills, experience or mountaineering equipment. Each individual faces a personal gamble and altitude symptoms are unpredictable!

Although this mountain lies only three degrees south of the equator, one can encounter varieties of vegetation within a short period of time; ranging from theforest, heather and moorland, alpine desert to the snow. We offer various ascent routes including Marangu, Machame, Lemosho, Shira, Rongai, Umbwe and the Northern Circuit. Two key descent routes include Mweka and Marangu. The elevation remains the same whichever route you choose, therefore we will attempt to help our clients fully prepare and would highly recommend all to attempt this mountain with full training.

Your experience up Kilimanjaro may become an unforgettable personal landmark in your life!