Responsible Travel

Benefitting the Local Community:
Over 95% of the company’s staff are born and bred Tanzanians. The company specialises in Tanzania and strongly feels that it should economically benefit those that live in and around the region through employment. In addition, unfortunately after the retirement age, the staff may not have any source of income or a pension, and therefore we continue to support some of our oldest working staff e.g. our Mountain guides; a few who have been with us for more than 30 years! Just as a family, the company is ever-ready to support the staff through the difficult times. We prefer to purchase items from the local community, such as food products for example which are bought from local markets or stores. We additionally support children with special needs in our local community, learn more by clicking on our Community Support page.


Picture: Kelvin Moshi known to us as ‘Kazimaka’, has been with us for more than 32 years when the company was born and till date works in our transport department.


We are very selective in the tours that we offer to ensure that it does not negatively impact the local communities and environment. For example, the Maasai Village visits we choose are authentic, less commercial, and do not force their children to sit in a small room the whole day which is known as a ‘Kindergarten’. Another example is our coffee plantation visits which support the local farmers, rather than visiting industrial sized factories.


We are firm believers that an individual must be happy to continue doing what they are setting out to do. We follow this principal and regularly ensure that all staff working with the company are fairly treated, paid and are happy. This should shine through the work and services that they provide.


Africa Wk 1 - Kili 0043
Picture: porters on Kilimanjaro


There is a huge concern of the way Kilimanjaro porters are treated and the following ways are ways in which we ensure proper treatment:

  • Porters are paid a salary recommended by the Governmental Authorities and Organisations.
  • Each porter strictly cannot carry more than 20kg each. We ensure this by weighing all luggage at Mountain Inn, and it is all reweighed by Kilimanjaro National Park to ensure that it does not exceed this amount.
  • The porters along with the rest of the mountain staff are including the guides and the cooks are accommodated in 3-4 season sleeping tents which are provided by the company along with the ground sheets, and are warm enough for freezing temperatures such as -10 to -15 degrees celcius at the final campsites.
  • Three sufficient meals per day are provided for each mountain crew
  • During the pre-climb briefing all clients are advised the following tipping system which we feel encourages transparency:
    1. To individually distribute the tips to each member of the mountain crew
    2. To hand the whole amount to the head guide, however request him to announce the amounts in front of all, so that each staff knows exactly how much the client/s wish to gift them
  • In the unfortunate event if the mountain crew is injured or feels ill, the company will assist where it can
  • We ensure that porters have adequate and proper clothing for all types of weather on the mountain

To ensure the above, porters are informed to report any instances of unfair treatment either to us as the company, or to the Kilimanjaro National Park and Kilimanjaro Porters Association.


We try to minimise our impact on the environment as much as we possibly can in the following ways:

  • In the office:
    Recycle and reuse: materials such as paper We have minimal printing and only print if it is necessary No littering: policy enforced on all grounds that we operate on including the office Lights out: all items involving electricity are turned off when not in use.
  • Kilimanjaro:
    No soft plastics – no soft plastics are permitted on Kilimanjaro and we strictly follow this. All our guests areinformed before their tour and this additionally is reinforced during the pre-climb briefing.
    Biodegradable – if a portable toilet has been taken up the mountain, a powder is used to solidify the waste. We have ensured that the powder that we use does not harm the mountain, it is non-toxic and biodegradable making it environmentally friendly to use.
    Solar powered lights – used during evening meals in the dining tents
    Waste in – waste out – we leave no waste and trace on the mountain and all trash is brought back down We participate in clean-up programs organised by Kilimanjaro National Park
  • Mountain Inn Lodge:
    Green green green – we love planting trees, flowers and plants and the lodge is full of them
    Rooms: all our room are fitted with solar panels to boil water




Animal welfare
Off-road driving or agitating the wildlife is against our company’s policies. You will never find one of our safari driver-guides going off the allocated roads on safari to get closer to the animals.